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Advancing Our Mission In 2019

Christopher Columbus is an amazing school with amazing students and staff in an amazing city.

As we move toward 2019, we will only get better. We are CCCS STRONG. As I meet more and more graduates of Christopher Columbus, it is obvious that the education of our students prepares them well for high school and life in general. Our graduates include military officers, doctoral candidates, college graduates and successful members of our neighborhood and city.

Students continuously reported that their education at CCCS ranks them far above their peers in high school, especially the Algebra I classes. Discipline, respect, patriotism, integrity and hard work are evident in our students during and well after they graduate from CCCS. I cannot be more proud of each and every student in our school. These characteristics are reinforced and supported from parents, grandparents and guardians. We are so appreciative of your hard work and efforts. It is encouraging and inspirational to see this each and every day. Let’s all start off our new year with new and challenging resolutions that will make us better students and more successful people in the upcoming year.

I am so proud to be part of a very supportive community that I can also call my friends. Educating children is a monumental task and we are all in this together. Let’s continue to work on advancing our mission as we approach 2019 to continue to be loyal to our past and always look forward to our future.

- Mr. Edward Poznek, CEO

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