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Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude!

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure that you are…” These words taken from the journal of a fourteen - year old student, have long since become my mantra for my everyday. There have been some days when I have forgotten them, but most days I definitely remember to cherish the small victories of the everyday.

In CCCS, each day brings the “normal” joys and some truly extraordinary ones, too. We, Administrators, hope to share some of those with you as days turn to weeks as we turn on the “Friday Night Lights.” We will provide some stories and some pictures, too, just to give you a glimpse of all the wonderful things that happen here at CCCS.

Your children are our joy. We are privileged to share in their lives. We are most grateful for the ordinary, normal moments. We are grateful for you and your families. My Vice Principal, Mr. Elia, always uses the analogy of the three-legged stool for a successful school-family relationship: the student, the school, and the family. Together, we can create many wonderful “normal” moments. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Ms. Doyle

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